Services A-Z (248)


Administrative Banner Access Request

AiM Server / Software Upgrade

AiM User Roles / Modify

AiM User Setup or Deactivation

AiMCAD Setup / Issues




Banner Email List

Banner Workflow

Browsers & Other Software


Campus Announcement Request Custom Population


Canvas Development

Computer Labs & Printers

CQCS - Report an issue / Request Data Maintenance

Create/Modify an eForm


Departmental Purchases




Fiber Optic Maintenance



Genetec Card Access Request

Genetec Project Request

Genetec Service Request

Get the wireless Guest Password of the day


Hardware Requests

Hexagon Geospatial - ERDAS

Housing IT Fix-It Ticket

Housing Maintenance Fix-It Ticket

HRL Printer/Copier Supply Request


Integration Request or Issue

IT Project Request

IT Request (CVM)


L3Harris Geospatial Solutions - ENVI

LSHC Account Creation

LSHC Account Deactivation

LSHC Inventory



Mathematica (Wolfram)


Modify AiM Report / Software Maintenance

myBanner Access Request


Other Third Party Software Systems


Pre-Procurement IT Review


Report a Duplicate Person Entry

Report a printing issue using BullyPrint

Report an issue with a computer/device

Report an issue with a content digital sign

Report an issue with a data port

Report an issue with a scheduling panel

Report an issue with Ad Astra

Report an issue with Administrative Banner

Report an issue with AiM

Report an issue with an eForm

Report an issue with an ID Card

Report an issue with Attendance Tracking

Report an issue with Card/Door Access

Report an issue with Classroom Technology Equipment

Report an issue with Concur Travel access

Report an issue with Degree Works

Report an issue with Information Security Training

Report an issue with installed software on a lab computer

Report an issue with logging into a lab computer

Report an issue with myBanner

Report an issue with myState

Report an issue with Phishing/SPAM

Report an issue with printing

Report an issue with printing in a computer lab

Report an issue with the Campus ID Card Upload Portal

Report an issue with the I: Drive

Report an issue with the J: Drive

Report an issue with Web Accessible Storage (WAS)

Report an issue with wired internet connectivity

Report an issue with wireless (WiFi) internet connectivity

Report another issue with a lab computer

Report malware on an MSU-inventoried computer

Request a change in owner/webmaster for a website

Request a change to a Mailing List

Request a custom workshop

Request a Distance Education ID Card

Request a Faculty webpage

Request a Firewall Exception

Request a Mass Email Announcement

Request a Multi-Factor Authentication replacement token

Request a Multi-Factor Authentication token

Request a new computer/device to be set up

Request a new digital sign

Request a new Mailing List

Request a one-time report from Banner

Request a quote for new equipment

Request a vulnerability scan

Request access to a specific printer

Request access to a website

Request access to a website in Siteimprove

Request access to Genetec camera/system

Request access to Information Security Training

Request access to the Q: Drive

Request add, revoke, or modify access to Concur Travel

Request Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Acrobat, or other individual Adobe software packages installation

Request an Exchange Account Deletion

Request an increase of storage space for a website

Request an off-campus employee ID card

Request Apple computer encryption/decryption using FileVault

Request assistance installing BullyPrint

Request assistance with a compromised account

Request assistance with a Mailing List

Request assistance with adding new Card/Door Access

Request Assistance with Adoption Insight Portal (AIP)

Request assistance with an Appointment/Calendar

Request assistance with Attendance Tracking

Request assistance with BullyPrint printing charges

Request assistance with Canvas

Request assistance with Cisco AnyConnect VPN

Request assistance with Employee email

Request assistance with getting your devices set up on wireless (WiFi)

Request assistance with Lecture capture

Request assistance with Maroon Alert

Request assistance with Microsoft Teams

Request assistance with Multi-Factor Authentication (Duo/Microsoft MFA)

Request assistance with OneDrive

Request assistance with Sharing an Exchange Folder

Request assistance with Student email

Request assistance with teams in Microsoft Teams

Request assistance with the Mail app on macOS

Request assistance with Web Administration

Request assistance with Webex

Request assistance with your MSU profile photo

Request assistance with your NetID or MSU ID#

Request assistance with your NetPassword

Request Banner Data Load

Request Banner maintenance or report ran by EIS

Request BitLocker computer encryption/decryption using MBAM

Request BitLocker/MBAM unlock

Request Budget Access Software and Icon Installation

Request camp and conference door access

Request Canvas Corner Session

Request Data Port Maintenance

Request Departmental Main Billing Number Maintenance

Request Departmental Webspace

Request digital signage system account

Request eForm Maintenance

Request evaluation/repair for a hardware issue

Request for Camp ID cards/bands

Request for Key Cards

Request for other software installation

Request Information Security Consulting services

Request installation of a Card Access Reader

Request Key Solutions system maintenance

Request maintenance be performed on a computer/device

Request Microsoft Office installation

Request Modification of Banner Process/Report/Admin Page

Request Modification of myBanner Page

Request modification of myState content

Request MSU Subdomain

Request new AiM Functionality / Report

Request new Banner functionality

Request new building network service

Request new myBanner Functionality

Request new myState functionality

Request Non-MSU Domain

Request or Revoke Access to Key Solutions

Request Printer Setup

Request removal from quarantine for a copyright violation

Request Secure Remote Access account (Bomgar)

Request server access

Request software installation on a classroom lectern PC

Request to add new wireless coverage

Request to add, remove, or change access to CQCS DAFVM applications

Request to add/remove a user or make a change to a departmental VPN

Request to add/remove door manager access

Request to add/remove folder access for a user

Request to add/remove general Door Access

Request to change your outgoing (From:) email address

Request to create an Exchange Resource

Request to create an Exchange Shared Mailbox

Request to create/modify departmental Banner approvals

Request to have a file/folder restored

Request to have a printer queue cleared

Request to have I: drive/J: drive space increased

Request to have your device removed from quarantine

Request to modify existing Card/Door Access

Request to remove a website from Siteimprove

Request to repair existing Card Access Reader

Request training on Classroom Technology Equipment

Request upgrade of existing system hardware

Request Vendor VPN Access

Request Website Development

Request website maintenance

Request wireless access for an event

Request/modify a hostname (DNS)

Request/modify a static IP address

Request/Modify Access to a Shared Mailbox

Request/remove a departmental email address

Request/Revoke Ad Astra access

Request/Revoke Affiliate Access


Respondus Lockdown Browser







Student Clickers


Turning Technologies


Umbrella Roaming Client


Vendor Access Request


Xtender/Banner Document Management (BDM)