Request/Revoke/Renew Affiliate Access

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Service Overview

  • Request to have an individual made an affiliate of the university.  As an affiliate, they can be granted certain privileges and access to certain MSU systems similar to that of an employee without actually being employed by the university.
  • This service is NOT requestable by the affiliate themselves; it must come from an authorized employee of the university, such as a Department Head, Administrative Assistant, or Business Manager.

Available To

Authorized Faculty & Staff

Getting Started

  • Only request this service if you are authorized to do so.  If you are not a Department Head, Business Manager, Administrative Assistant, or other authorized individual, we will be unable to grant/revoke access based on your request.
  • Click the Request Service button on this page to make this request. You will be prompted to include the following details if requesting access:
    • Affiliate's full legal name
    • NetID or MSU ID#, if known
    • Date of Birth (Month/Day/Year)
    • Non-MSU email address
    • How will they be affiliated with the University? (ELI, Greek, Visiting Scholar, etc.)
    • What access they will need
    • How long they will need access (Default one year)
    • Name and NetID of the Faculty/Staff sponsor for the affiliate, if other than the requester
    • Local Address

* Please note that Library access needs to be requested by sending Paul Huddleston an email with the Affiliate's name and NetID.  If approved, he will generate a request to grant Library access.

  • If you are requesting to have Affiliate access revoked, please include the name and NetID of the affiliate as well as the access termination date.

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