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Request MSU access for those that are affiliated by the University, but are not students nor paid by the University.

Assistance with enrolling in two-factor authentication, adding new devices and reactivating current devices, locked two-factor accounts, and any other questions or issues with setting up and using two-factor authentication.

Request assistance with instant messaging via Microsoft Teams

Report an issue with printing in a computer lab

To request a one on one Canvas session for assistance with your course.

Microsoft Office for personally-owned laptop or desktop computers

Report an issue with Web access to MSU file storage (I: and J: drives)

Request assistance with installing BullyPrint for printing to for-fee printers on campus

Report an issue with an installed software package on a lab computer

Report any issues you may encounter with SPAM email such as excessive emails, suspicious emails, etc.

Use this service to report any issues you experience on a lab computer that do not fall under the other, specific services in this category.

Request assistance with setting up your MSU email on a mobile device (phone, tablet, or other)

Report an issue with logging into a lab computer

Requesting non-Banner courses is now done via eForms. Please use the link in this service to be taken to the appropriate eForm.