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ID Cards Issues

If your card will not swipe or does not activate a "beep" when using, please bring it to the Campus Card Office located at 108 Allen Hall for assistance.

ITS provides ID card test stations in a number of locations around campus. These test stations allow employees and students to confirm that the electronics embedded in their ID card is in good working condition. Test stations are available at the following locations: 

  • Allen Hall lobby outside the ITS Help Desk
  • Mitchell Memorial Library inside the entrance to the Computer Commons
  • The Union ground floor near the south entrance to the Food Court
  • The Sanderson Center lobby

There is no charge for the first ID card. Lost or damaged ID cards are subject to a replacement fee. Defective or "worn out" cards are replaced at no charge.

Click the Report Issue button on this page to make this request.  Please include as many details as possible when making this request so that we can better assist you.

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