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ID Card Issues

Request assistance with your NetID & MSU ID#

Request an off-campus employee ID card.

Request for Camp ID cards/bands

Report any problems with uploading a photo to or accessing the Campus ID Card upload portal.

For after you have registered for classes. Please read the next page carefully.

Request assistance with having your business or ID card photo displayed on your profile on various MSU systems and services.

To report an issue with a phone line, such as buzzing on the line, call forwarding not working, caller ID not correct, receiving calls from wrong number, etc.

Microsoft Office for personally-owned laptop or desktop computers

Assistance with enrolling in two-factor authentication, adding new devices and reactivating current devices, locked two-factor accounts, and any other questions or issues with setting up and using two-factor authentication.

For information on computer labs, lab printing, and to report an issue with a computer lab/printer.

Contact information for departmental purchasing of software packages.

Creating and Maintaining Banner Lists

Encryption software for Windows.

Encryption/decryption solution for Apple computers.