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Service Overview

MSU Policy 01.12 states that everyone in the MSU computing community is required to take precautions to protect their computer and the MSU network from malicious computer programs.

Antivirus software is provided for MSU-owned computers. If you need to request that antivirus software be installed or are having any issues with antivirus software on an MSU-owned computer, please see the Getting Started section below to submit a service request.

For information regarding antivirus software on a personally-owned device, please see Antivirus Software for Personally-owned Computers.

Available To

Faculty, Staff, and Student Employees using MSU-owned computers

Getting Started

Use the Request Service button on this page to make this request. Please include as many details as possible when submitting this request so that we can better assist you.

If you're requesting antivirus software installation, please include the location of the computer and the MSU inventory number, if possible.

If you're reporting an issue with antivirus software on an MSU-owned computer, please include any error messages you've received and any troubleshooting steps you've taken so far.

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