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Service Overview

Your account can become compromised for various reasons.  The most common culprit is when you've mistakenly responded to a phishing attack by entering in your credentials after clicking a link in a suspicious email.  When we receive reports of strange activity with your account such as repeated attempts to access it from suspicious IP addresses, we will lock it and mark it as compromised.  If you feel your account was compromised due to suspicious activity, please change your NetPassword immediately. If you are unable to change your password or are still unable to log in after changing it, please see the Getting Started section below.

Available To

Students, Faculty, Staff, & Affiliates of MSU

Getting Started

If you are compromised and unable to change your password or can't log in after doing so, you will need to have your NetPassword reset. If you are unable to come by the Service Desk in 108 Allen Hall for us to reset your password, please click the Request Service button on this page. You will need to provide your NetID, date of birth, an alternate email address and phone number at which to reach you. You will also need to verify your identity by approving a confirmation push in your Duo Mobile app, attaching a copy of your MSU ID card, or answering some additional identification questions.

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