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Service Overview

Assistance with enrolling in two-factor authentication, adding new devices and reactivating current devices, locked two-factor accounts, and and other questions or issues with setting up and using two-factor authentication. This service covers both the Duo and Microsoft 2FA systems.

Before you submit this request, be sure to check out our knowledge base articles that cover the most common 2FA questions we see:

How to enroll in 2FA for students, employees, and affiliates

How to enroll in 2FA for retirees

How to add/reactivate devices in Duo

How to log in and authenticate with Duo without a mobile device

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Available To

Students, Employees, Affiliates, & Retirees

Getting Started

If you still need help, click the Request Service button on this page. Please provide as many details as possible when making this request so that we can better assist you.

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