Duo Two-Factor Authentication: Generating a two-factor passcode online

What is the purpose of a two-factor passcode?

Consider the scenario where you have enrolled in two-factor authentication and registered your smartphone as your second factor device. You come to the office ready to go to work, but then you realize you left your smartphone at home. In that scenario, you can generate a passcode that you can use for up to 24 hours in lieu of your second factor device. A passcode can also come in handy when you buy a new smartphone to replace your old one. Since your old phone is no longer operational, you will need a passcode so that you can log in to duo.msstate.edu to add your new mobile device and remove your old device.


How do I generate a two-factor passcode?

  1. Go to http://2fa.msstate.edu
  2. Click Generate a Two-Factor Authentication Passcode under Two-Factor Maintenance.
  3. Enter your NetID/NetPassword and click Login.
  4. Enter your Birth Date and MSU ID Number or Social Security Number and click Submit.
  5. Enter the answer to your security question and click Submit.
  6. Your passcode will be displayed and is valid for 24 hours.


How do I log in using a two-factor passcode?

When you log in to an MSU system such as Banner, you will enter your NetID and NetPassword as usual, and then a Duo screen will appear. The screen has two options Send Me a Push and Enter a Passcode. Instead of clicking Send Me A Push as you normally would do, click Enter a Passcode. Then enter the passcode that you generated earlier and click Log In. You should now be logged in.


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