Information Security

Assistance with 2 factor authentication (DUO), encryption, quarantined devices, malware, Information Security Training and Firewall Exceptions.

Categories (8)

Computer Encryption

Encryption services available for MSU-inventoried systems.

Firewall Exceptions

By default, all inbound connections are blocked at MSU. Staff or faculty may request inbound firewall exceptions after an appropriate security review. Please provide justification, IP address, and port information.

Information Security Consulting

Information Security Consulting services provided by ITS

Information Security Training

All MSU faculty and staff can take the Information Security training via the portal. ( The training is available under the "Office" tab.


Malware/Virus-related services for MSU-inventoried systems

Network Quarantine

At times it becomes necessary to isolate a computer from the campus network in order to protect the integrity of the network and/or the institution. One situation where this becomes necessary arises from use of a computer to conduct illegal activities or activities that violate university policy; another arises from a computer generating network traffic that adversely impacts the performance of the network. Network quarantine is the mechanism employed by ITS to isolate offending computers from the campus network until these kinds of problems can be rectified.

Multi-Factor Authentication (Duo/Microsoft MFA)

Services related to Multi-Factor Authentication on your MSU account via Duo or Microsoft Authentication

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment services provided by ITS

Services (6)

Request a server SSL Certificate

Request to have an SSL certificate generated or updated for a web server.

Request assistance with Admin By Request

This service is for only for questions, modifications, and issues regarding Admin By Request (ABR). Access to ABR is handled in a separate service (see details on full service page).

Report an Information Security incident

Report an Information Security incident.

Report a credit/payment card incident

Report a credit/payment card incident