My Recently Visited Services

Request upload of Banner data.

To request a Student Organization website.

Report an issue with connecting to MSU wireless networks on campus. These networks include eduroam, msu3, and msuguest.

Request departmental webspace

Retrieve the Guest Password for the msuguest wireless network. This is only available for MSU employees or authorized individuals

Request MSU access for those that are affiliated by the University, but are not students nor paid by the University.

To request a change of owner or webmaster for a Student Organization Website.

Assistance with enrolling in two-factor authentication, adding new devices and reactivating current devices, locked two-factor accounts, and any other questions or issues with setting up and using two-factor authentication.

Request assistance with your NetID & MSU ID#

Request to have a firewall exception for a specific URL, IP, or port

Creating and Maintaining Banner Lists

Available for MSU-inventoried systems only. Includes Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Premier Pro, Dreamweaver, Audition, PageMaker, etc.

To request a new Access Control/Camera Surveillance Installation on Genetec.

Request website maintenance available to ITS web clients.

Report any issues using or configuring student email.

Request modification of a myBanner Page

Request to have an AiM User modified

Microsoft Office for personally-owned laptop or desktop computers

Request a 2FA token for authenticating without a mobile device.

To request paper, toner, or misc. copier supplies.

Report an issue with Administrative Banner forms, access, reports, etc.

Request an off-campus employee ID card.