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Installation information for Esri ArcGIS Pro

Esri ArcGIS software is licensed with an Education Institution Agreement between the Mississippi Institutes of Higher Learning and Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. This agreement allows Esri products to be installed on any university-owned computer for academic (teaching and scholarly research) and administrative use (facilities management, campus safety, etc…).

Additionally, the agreement allows installation for academic use on personal devices for current students, faculty, and staff at no additional cost.

Please note that while you are installing the software, do not log into ArcGIS, as this breaks the installation and licensing. Also, please do not run updates directly from ArcGIS, as that could potentially cause the software to lose its license.

Legal Requirements:

  • Only active faculty, staff, and students at Mississippi State University are permitted to obtain this software.
  • Faculty, staff, and students are required to remove the software and data stored on the cloud when no longer affiliated with the University.

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Note: This software is ONLY available for download for Windows computers and requires you to be on campus with a network connection or VPN connected off campus. 

ESRI ArcGIS Pro 3.1 Installation Instructions

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