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Services or Offerings?
To get a quote and request phone maintenance.

To report an issue with a phone line, such as buzzing on the line, call forwarding not working, caller ID not correct, receiving calls from wrong number, etc.

Request to forward VoIP phone remotely to another number, request a change to current forwarding settings, or request to forward VoIP voicemail to an email address.

Request to have an automated attendant created or modified for a phone number

Request assistance with setting up your MSU email on a mobile device (phone, tablet, or other)

Request that new voicemail service be set up for a phone line

Request help with setting up phones, tablets, gaming systems, TVs, and e-Readers on the MSU wireless network

Request to reset or change the passcode used to access voicemail

Request assistance if you receive notice or feel that your account is compromised.

Request that another user be granted access to modify the departmental online directory. This request must come from a current, authorized individual on behalf of the user that needs the access.

Request assistance with your NetPassword.