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Services or Offerings?
Used for requesting a website be removed from Siteimprove.

Request the restoration of a file for a website.

Used for requesting access in Siteimprove to certain websites.

Increase storage space for a website.

Request a change to the owner or webmaster for a university/departmental website.

To request a change of owner or webmaster for a Student Organization Website.

Request website maintenance available to ITS web clients.

Request website development available to ITS web clients.

Request access to the content management system for an existing web site or to data being collected from a form or application

To assist web admins for MSU websites

Autodesk is provided to student, faculty & staff via educational model for free via a web link on the ITS website. It can also be used on a departmental system for teaching and academic research for free. It is no longer provided for non-academic reasons at no charge.

Training/workshop topics include Banner, eForms, Webex, Web Accessibility, Canvas, Classroom Technology, etc.

Request to have a custom workshop created

Request or modify a hostname or DNS entry

Request training on how to use or troubleshoot the Classroom Technology equipment in ITS-maintained classrooms