Student assistance with Canvas

Service Overview

Assistance with student use of Canvas.

Available To

Students, Faculty, Staff

Getting Started

Please look through our Canvas Knowledge Base articles to see if they answer your question.

Additional troubleshooting steps/tips:

  • Make sure you have a stable, high quality internet connection (preferably wired) when trying to use Canvas.
  • Try using a different internet browser or clearing the cache/cookies in your current browser.

If you can't access your course:

  • Check with your instructor to make sure they plan to use Canvas for your course this semester.
  • Check with your instructor to make sure they have published their course so students can access it.

If you still have any questions or problems, please click Request Service on this page. Include as many details as you can, including the course ID, name of assignment/quiz, location of content, dates and times, etc. that are related to the question or problem being reported. Include screenshots of any error messages, if possible.

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