Request assistance with getting your devices set up on wireless (WiFi)

Service Overview

There are two main networks available for use on campus, eduroam (for phones, tablets, computers) and msu3 (for gaming systems, streaming systems, smart devices).  More information on connecting to these networks can be found in our Knowledge Base, or by clicking on the Related Articles on this page.

If you have already tried connecting your device(s) to the MSU network(s), but haven't been able to do so, you can request additional help from the Service Desk using this service.

Available To

Students, Faculty, & Staff


The Service Desk can help you troubleshoot your devices connecting the MSU wireless networks.  We can provide assistance with walking you through the setup and with diagnosing common issues and errors you may encounter.

Getting Started

Click on the Request Service button on this page to make this request.  Please provide as much detail as possible in order for us to better assist you.

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