Wireless, Network, & Internet Access

Assistance with wireless/wired network access, VPN, and network connectivity

Categories (3)

Wired Network Access

Assistance with data ports, fiber connections, and other wired network-related needs

Wireless Network Access

Assistance with connecting to MSU wireless networks, getting the daily guest password, and more

Cisco AnyConnect VPN

The Cisco AnyConnect VPN client software may be used to establish a virtual private network (VPN) link to the MSU campus network from MSU faculty, staff, and student computers over the Internet. This will allow access over the Internet to services which are, otherwise, restricted to use only from the campus network. To download and install this software, visit http://vpn.msstate.edu/ , login with your NetID and NetPassword, and click the "Start AnyConnect" link.

Services (3)

Request a Firewall Exception

Request to have a firewall exception for a specific URL, IP, or port

Request/modify a hostname (DNS)

Request or modify a hostname or DNS entry

Request/modify a static IP address

Request or modify a static IP address for a computer, printer, or other device. This includes access for Remote Desktop Access.