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Request for a network printer's (Banner or network) queue be cleared

Network cables and other misc. hardware requests

Report an issue with connecting to MSU wireless networks on campus. These networks include eduroam, msu3, and msuguest.

Request to have a deleted file or folder on a network drive restored

Request addition/removal of access for I: Drive, J: Drive, P: Drive, or other network drives

Request for a Banner, network, or local printer be set up

Request help with setting up phones, tablets, gaming systems, TVs, and e-Readers on the MSU wireless network

Retrieve the Guest Password for the msuguest wireless network. This is only available for MSU employees or authorized individuals

Request to have your device removed from quarantine for a non-copyright related issue such as malware and unusual network activity.

Installation of or issues with the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client (used to connect to the MSU Campus Network) and managing access to VPN groups. Using the VPN is required for working in some MSU systems from off-campus.

MSU has a certified Apple Hardware Support Center. Request for a hardware upgrade for an Apple system can be made by students, faculty, and staff. Existing Mac system hardware includes, but is not limited to, RAM(memory), hard drive or solid state drive, monitor, graphics card, and network card.

Request access to a certain printer or be added to a printing group

Request user management or a configuration change for a departmental VPN