How to set up your devices on msu3 (wireless network for gaming systems, streaming systems, smart devices, etc.)

For devices without the ability to log in to eduroam, we have our msu3 network.  These devices include game consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc.), streaming systems (Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, Smart TVs, etc.), eReaders (Kindle, Nook), and other smart devices (Amazon Echo, etc.).  The msu3 network is a hidden network which has to be manually added to your device after you register for it. 

Connecting a device to the msu3 network

1. Navigate to the msu3 network registration page by going to in your web browser.

  • There is list of devices on this page that are known to not connect to msu3

2. Enter in the MAC address for your device into the MAC/Hardware Address field.  A MAC address is a unique, hardware address/code that allows us to register your device to you on our network. 

  • If you need help finding your MAC address, you can do a quick Internet search for "how to find your device MAC address" (ex. how to find Playstation 4 MAC address) and you should be able to find out where it is located.

3. Enter in a name for your device into the Device Description field.

  • Usually the device type/model is a good choice for the description (Ex. PlayStation 4, Apple TV, Fire Stick).

4. Click Register to register your device on msu3.  Make a note of the security type and password it gives you for connecting.

5. On your device, you will need to manually set up the msu3 network; it will NOT appear in the available networks list.  Usually there is an option to connect to a hidden network/ssid, manually connect/add a network, etc. in your device"s network settings.

6.  Enter in the network name/ssid as msu3 and choose WPA2-PSK or WPA2 Enterprise as the security type.  Enter in the password given to you in step 4.

7.  You device should successfully connect to msu3 using these settings.

Common troubleshooting tips

If you run into any issues trying to connect to msu3, try these troubleshooting tips.

  • Be sure you typed in your MAC address correctly on the registration page.  You may want to try registering it again to be sure.  Note that the MAC address should be 12 characters and will only contain numbers 0-9 and letters A-F.
  • You may need to see if your device has an option to Reset Network Settings to see if that enables you to connect.
  • In some cases, you may need to factory reset your device in order for it to connect.


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