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Services or Offerings?
Request to have special wireless access added or configured for a campus event

Retrieve the Guest Password for the msuguest wireless network. This is only available for MSU employees or authorized individuals

Report an issue with connecting to MSU wireless networks on campus. These networks include eduroam, msu3, and msuguest.

Request to have wireless (WiFi) access added in a new area or building where it is not currently available.

Request help with setting up phones, tablets, gaming systems, TVs, and e-Readers on the MSU wireless network

Wireless, Ethernet, Telephone, Cable Television, and Access problems.

Request a change to the owner or webmaster for a university/departmental website.

For information on computer labs, lab printing, and to report an issue with a computer lab/printer.

For after you have registered for classes. Please read the next page carefully.

Request a 2FA token for authenticating without a mobile device.