How to set up your devices on eduroam (wireless network for phones, computers, tablets, etc.)


MSU has moved from using msu1x to eduroam.  eduroam is an international roaming service for users in research, higher education and further education. It provides researchers, teachers and students easy and secure network access when visiting an institution other than their own. Authentication of users is performed by their home institution, using the same credentials as when they access the network locally, while authorization to access the Internet and possibly other resources is handled by the visited institution. Below you will find configuration documents to assist with setting up your device. You can also come by the ITS Service Desk at 108 Allen Hall for assistance with setup.

For devices without the same security configurations, we have our msu3 service.  This would include game consoles (Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo 3DS), speaker systems (Amazon Alexa), e-Readers (Kindle, Nook), and smart TVs (AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Firestick).  Please note that your mobile device will need to be on the same network (msu3) in order to communicate with the other device.

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