Configuring eduroam for iOS using the CAT tool

Before configuring eduroam®CAT for your device, remove any old wireless configurations for eduroam. For assistance in removing eduroam from your iOS device please visit Eduroam uninstaller for iOS.


1.  Open Safari and go to Tap Click here to download your eduroam® installer.

 Welcome to eduroam CAT installer


2. Tap Mississippi State University in the Organisation list.

Tap Mississippi State University


3.  Tap Apple iOS mobile devices.

Configuration assistant


4. Your download for eduroam® should automatically start. If not, you can start the download by tapping on the link as shown in the example below.

Configuation Assistant tool configuration profile


5. Tap Allow.

Configuration Assistant Tool Profile downloaded


6. You will see a Profile Downloaded message that directs you to the Settings app to continue. Tap Close.

Profile Downloaded


7. Open Settings.



8. Tap Install Downloaded Profile.

Settings information


9.  In the top right corner, tap Install.

eduroam certificate


10. Tap eduroam®.

eduroam configuration profile


11. Enter the iOS device Passcode.



12.  Tap Install.

Installing certificate


13. Tap Install.

Certificate warning


14.  Type in your Tap Next.

Username for eduroam


15. Enter your NetPassword. Tap Next.

Password for eduroam


16. Tap Done.

Profile installed


17.  eduroam® will be listed in the Configuration Profiles. Your device will automatically connect to the eduroam® wireless network.

List of configuration profiles


18. The device's Wi-Fi settings will display the eduroam® wireless network as active. Your iOS device has been configured for eduroam.

Wi-Fi list


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