Configuring eduroam for Android using the CAT tool

Before configuring eduroam®CAT for your device, remove past wireless configurations for eduroam. For assistance in removing eduroam from your Android device please visit Eduroam uninstaller for Android.

1. Visit the Google Play store and download the eduroam CAT app.



2.  Tap Open.

Tap Open

3.  Permission is needed for the device's location in order to detect the wireless connection. Tap Allow.

Nearby Configs

4. Open a browser and go to Tap Click here to download your eduroam® installer.

Download installer

5. Tap Mississippi State University in the Organisation list.

Click on Mississippi State University

6. Tap on Android (version).

Click on your version

7. Click Continue.

Download from Play store


8.  Tap Download.


9.  If the download does not automatically start, tap on the direct link.

Direct link

10. Tap Open.

Open file

11.  Tap Allow for eduroamCAT to access your location.

Allow configuration

12. Tap Install.

Install profile

13.  Tap Yes.

Configuration file summary

14.  Enter your for the Username and your NetPassword in the Password field. Tap Install.


15. Profile Installed is displayed in green. Your device will now automatically connect to the eduroam wireless network.

Install profile

16.  In your device's Wi-Fi settings, eduroam will display as connected. Your Android device has been configured for eduroam.



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