Request access to modify departmental online directory

Service Overview

Request permission to modify the online directory for a specific department.  This permission includes the ability to maintain information such as department name, address, location, phone number, etc.

Available To

Authorized Faculty & Staff


  • Only authorized users, such as those responsible for keying Payroll, have the ability to make changes to the departmental directory.
  • These users can make changes to the directory by going to

Getting Started

Note: If a Payroll keyer or other authorized user is unable to log in to the directory update site, their department head or another user that is currently able to log in can request that they be granted access to the site. The request must be made on the user's behalf, NOT by the user themselves.

Click the Request service button on this page to request that another user be granted access to the departmental directory update site.

Request Service


Service ID: 1095
Tue 9/12/17 10:29 AM
Tue 3/13/18 5:03 PM