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Services or Offerings?
Contact information for departmental purchasing of software packages.

Request user management or a configuration change for a departmental VPN

Request assistance with departmental PINNACLE billing statement

Request departmental webspace

Requesting/removing a departmental alias which is connected to the same inbox as your address.

Request to create, change or terminate your Departmental Main Billing Number or change your Banner Account Number

Request that another user be granted access to modify the departmental online directory. This request must come from a current, authorized individual on behalf of the user that needs the access.

Request to establish or delete a departmental long distance service, travel calling card, and conferencing request.Note that an LDS number or Calling Card is only needed for use with the legacy telephone system

Services related to Departmental Purchased Systems not listed Individually

Request to give a vendor access to the main campus or departmental VPN

Request a change to the owner or webmaster for a university/departmental website.

Faculty and Staff can request to change the outgoing (From:) email address to their departmental or friendly email address.

Autodesk is provided to student, faculty & staff via educational model for free via a web link on the ITS website. It can also be used on a departmental system for teaching and academic research for free. It is no longer provided for non-academic reasons at no charge.

To request an activation, deactivation, install, change, move, repair to a data port.