Request to have your device removed from quarantine

Service Overview

In addition to copyright infringement, systems can become quarantined from the MSU network for malware and unusual network traffic. This service is for requesting a device be removed from quarantine for a non-copyright issue only.

Users whose devices are quarantined due to copyright violation will need to contact the Dean of Students office in order to have their devices released.

Contact information - Phone: 662-325-3611 | Email: | In person: 1st Floor YMCA Building

Available To

Students, Faculty, Staff, & Affiliates of MSU with access to wireless

Getting Started

Only submit this request if your device has been quarantined for non-copyright reasons. Click the Request Service button on this page to submit this request. Any malicious programs or activity will need to be terminated on your device before it is allowed back on to the MSU network.

Request Service

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Network quarantine is the mechanism employed by ITS to isolate offending computers from the campus network until these kinds of problems can be rectified.


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