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Pinned Article Accessing Webex in a web browser and Starting a Meeting

Instructions on signing in to Webex and starting a meeting.

Creating an Event in Webex

How to schedule an event in Webex and add attendees.

How to check attendance of Webex Sessions

Two methods for tracking attendance for attending Webex Sessions.

How to share content in Webex

Information on how to share content in Cisco WebEx

Installing the Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop app on Windows

Download and install the Cisco Webex Desktop app.

Manage Breakout Sessions in Cisco Webex Training

Breakout sessions in Webex Training

Webex: Explaining the differences in Personal Rooms, Meetings, Training, and Events

Webex comparisons of personal rooms, meetings, training, and events.

Adding the Webex Plugin to Microsoft Outlook

Instructions for adding the Webex Plugin to Microsoft Outlook.

Hosting a Telephone-only Audio Meeting in Webex

How to host a Webex telephone-only audio conference.