How to check attendance of Webex Sessions

There are two methods of checking attendance for Webex sessions. 


When having to switch from face-to-face to online courses in a quick manner, we recommend using this method to check attendance.  Students could have technical issues that can keep them from joining Webex meetings. 

  1. Log into using your and NetPassword.
  2. My Reports is listed in the menu under your name on the right side of the screen
    my report on menu
  3. Select Usage Report under All Services.  Set the date range for the Meeting and click Display Report.

    Select date range and click display report.
  4. Select the report you would like to check.
    Select the report

  5. Here you will see each of the participants and their information for the meeting. You can also select Printer-friendly format or Export Report to see all names at once.
    Session detail

From within Canvas

This method is useful for courses that are intended to be online from the start, as technology is assumed to be available when enrolling in Online courses.

  1. Log into your Canvas course and go to Cisco Webex.
  2. Select Setup on the Cisco Webex screen. 

    Cisco webex setup
  3. Scroll down until you see Webex Meetings Attendance Grading and click Turn on. 

    webex attendance
  4. Set your attendance grading options.  

    attendance settings
  5. Create a new meeting from within Canvas. Please note that a visual security captcha will appear when setting attendance meetings.     digital captcha example
  6. Attendance is recorded in the grade book as a total score for all meetings after setting the attendance to being recorded.                                          Gradebook


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