Webex: Testing your audio/video connection

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ITS recommends that you confirm your audio and video are working before trying to access a Webex meeting or event. For this purpose, Webex provides a test meeting that you can use to make sure your device's audio and video are configured correctly before connecting to an actual meeting. They also provide instructions on choosing the different audio and video options available along with some other useful information about using Webex.

Connecting to the Webex test meeting to check your audio/video settings

Choosing your audio/video settings before joining a Webex Meeting or Event

Getting Started with Webex and more information

Note: When joining a meeting using your computer for audio, you can test your speaker and microphone by hovering over the audio source name on the right, then clicking Settings when it appears. This menu allows you to play a test sound to confirm your speakers are working, and shows what sound level the microphone is detecting. If you do not hear the test sound or see any blue bars on the microphone level indicator, you may need to adjust your audio sources for each using the dropdowns.


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