Webex: Explaining the differences in Personal Rooms, Meetings, Training, and Events

Most WebEx features exist across the entire suite of tools, however, there are a few key features that may make a specific WebEx tool be more useful in specific situation.

If I want to… Then Use…
Host impromptu, scheduled, or 1 on 1 meetings such as office hours

My Personal Room
part of WebEx Meetings

Schedule a meeting where I may not be the host WebEx Meetings
Run an online class with features such as polling, raise hands, or break out rooms WebEx Training
Host a very large webinar or conference where remote participants will primarily be listening WebEx Events
Additional charges may apply
Host up to 3 concurrent audio only conference calls where I have keypad commands to manage participants Personal Conferencing Numbers
Feature Personal Meeting Room Webex Meetings Webex Training Webex Events
Remote Attendees Up to 1,000 Up to 1,000 Up to 1,000 Up to 1,000

Rich meeting controls such as: 

  •  restrict audio options to computer only or toll free
  •  assign alternate hosts
  •  lock meeting room from invite
  •  Basic registration
No Yes No No
Moderated Q&A No No Yes Yes
Join via video conferencing end point (Telepresence, H.323, other) Yes Yes No No

Event management features such as:

  •  Attendee registration
  •  Polling
  •  Post event surveys (event center only)

Establish a panel of presenters

No No Yes Yes

Teaching tools:

  •  Testing and instructor scoring
  •  Breakout sessions
No No Yes No



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