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Information on how to have your business photo displayed in Outlook/M365 and/or the MSU online directory.
Installation instructions for the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client for Windows.
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Two-Factor Authentication enrollment instructions.
Information on the university LDS System
MSU Telephone Dialing Instructions
Residence Hall Custom Dialing Instructions
Long Distance Service (LDS) can be requesting for both personal and work.
Establish/Modify Service at MSU
Custom Dialing Features for MSU Phones
Apply to establish or delete a departmental long distance service
Custom Dialing Features for MSU Phones
Submitting Class Climate Course Evaluations in Canvas
Class Climate Course Evaluations in Canvas
Editing the Navigation menu in Canvas.
Steps for how to insert external learning tools into your course. This includes Pearson, McGraw Hill, Turnging Tech Clicker Registration, Respondus Lockdown Browser, Cengage, Studio, and many others.
Steps for enrolling in Self Enroll courses in Canvas.
Mississippi State University necessarily maintains a large amount of sensitive information ranging from personal information about employees and students to research data. Protection of this information from leaks, break-ins, and natural or man-made disasters is of paramount importance. To this end, the Mississippi State University Information Security Policy, OP 01.10, mandates a framework of four components that collectively enhance the information security posture of the institution.
Express Products List and software licensing questions