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Course Content & Management

Instructions & information related to crosslisted, blueprint, development, & external courses as well as a variety of other course management articles.

External App Guides & Information

Information & resources related to using external apps like Turnitin, TurningPoint, etc. within Canvas courses.

Support, Training, & Webinars

Information on training & webinar options for Canvas as well as a variety of instructional videos from both Canvas and ITS.

Articles (11)

Pinned Article Canvas: Publishing your Course

Publish Canvas courses for students to access

Pinned Article Canvas: Statistics and Reports FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding Canvas Reporting and Statistics

Canvas: Adding Microsoft Teams Meetings using the Rich Content Editor

Instructions on adding a Microsoft Teams Meeting link to a Canvas assignment, quiz, discussion, page, and calendar event.

Class Climate Course Evaluations in Canvas (Instructors)

Class Climate Course Evaluations in Canvas

Turnitin Paper View Request

How to process Turnitin Paper View Requests.

Turnitin Similarity Information & Resources

Information and resources regarding Turnitin Similarity, the University's anti-plagiarism tool. The transition from Ouriginal to Turnitin Similarity will begin with both being available in the Summer 2022 term (including Maymester) then ending with Turnitin Similarity being the only option for the Fall 2022 term. Ouriginal will not be available for the Fall 2022 term, however, Ouriginal reports will be available to faculty through the end of 2022.

Viewing insights for a Canvas Studio file in a course

How to view the insights for a Canvas Studio file.

Canvas: Course Types

Explanation of the various types of courses available in Canvas