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Course Content & Management

Instructions & information related to crosslisted, blueprint, development, & external courses as well as a variety of other course management articles.

External App Guides & Information

Information & resources related to using external apps like Turnitin, TurningPoint, etc. within Canvas courses.

Support, Training, & Webinars

Information on training & webinar options for Canvas as well as a variety of instructional videos from both Canvas and ITS.

Articles (9)

Pinned Article Canvas: Publishing your Course

Publish Canvas courses for students to access

Pinned Article Canvas: Statistics and Reports FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding Canvas Reporting and Statistics

Canvas: Adding Microsoft Teams Meetings using the Rich Content Editor

Instructions on adding a Microsoft Teams Meeting link to a Canvas assignment, quiz, discussion, page, and calendar event.

Class Climate Course Evaluations in Canvas

Class Climate Course Evaluations in Canvas

Viewing insights for a Canvas Studio file in a course

How to view the insights for a Canvas Studio file.

Canvas: Course Types

Explanation of the various types of courses available in Canvas

Requesting an MSU Google Drive

Instructions for requesting an MSU Google Drive for use with Canvas