Creating Gradebook Columns for Grades NOT submitted in Canvas

An exam given on paper is not a “quiz” in Canvas. For something to be a “quiz” in Canvas there must be actual questions in Canvas and students would take the quiz and submit in Canvas. Quizzes without questions will set the grade column to zero because Canvas is looking for the questions and the points associated with the questions.

Instead, create a non-submission assignment as follows:

  1. Create an Assignment.
  2. Set the point values and for Submission type select “No Submission.”
  3. Click Save and Publish. This will create a gradebook column with the points you designate.

If you have created quizzes that do not have questions in them and entered grades that are showing as out of zero points, do not delete the quizzes until after you have created the new non submission assignments and transferred the grades to the new columns.


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