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Canvas by Instructure is a learning management system used by MSU to provide interactive, online courses for instructors and students.

Articles related to using the attendance tracking system

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Pinned Article Resources for ITS-Supported Lecterns

Information about using the ITS-supported classroom lecterns.

Classroom Technology

List of ITS-supported technology classrooms

Computer Labs

List of ITS-supported computer labs

How to Reserve ITS Training Labs

Instructions for reserving ITS training labs.

ITS-Supported Technology Classroom Lecterns

Information on how to power up and power down the lecterns in the Level 2 ITS-Supported Technology Classrooms

List of Software installed on Classroom Technology PCs

List of software installed on Technology Classroom PCs

Non-Traditional ITS Classroom Technology Information

Helpful information on using the technology in the non traditional classroom spaces (PODS)

Powering on and off the POD

POD (Non-traditional classroom technology system) power on and off instructions