Classroom Technology Lectern Wireless Microphone Information and Configuration

Each ITS supported technology classroom level 2+ lectern is equipped with a wireless mic receiver capable of receiving a signal from a user supplied wireless handheld or beltpack microphone/transmitter.  Listed below are the models of microphones and transmitters that are compatible with the classroom lectern wireless microphone receivers:

  • Shure ULX1-J1 beltpack transmitter. This is a beltpack transmitter only and must be matched with a suitable microphone.  The J1 frequency band (554 - 590 MHz) is the receiver frequency range in the classroom lecterns and the transmitter purchased must match the receiver frequency to work properly.  Two microphones commonly used with this transmitter are:
    • WL185 - Shure Lavalier Microphone
    • E6OW5T2SL - Countryman E6 Omnidirectional Earset for Shure
  • Shure ULX2/58=-J1 Handheld Microphone with Transmitter - J1 frequency band (554 - 590 MHz)


Tips while using a wireless microphone with the lectern:

  • Located in the lectern, the front of the wireless mic receiver displays the group and channel number for the room.  Each classroom receiver is configured to use a unique group/channel combination to prevent audio "bleed-over" between rooms.  Use the group/channel buttons on the beltpack transmitter or handheld microphone to match the receiver setting to capture/broadcast through the classroom sound system.
  • When the wireless microphone/transmitter is on and communicating with the receiver, there will be an "Antenna" icon displayed on the microphone/transmitter LCD screen.
  • The wireless mic mute and audio level can be controlled by the touchscreen on the top of the lectern via the "Audio" page or by the mixer/amplifier volume knob on lecterns not equipped with a control touchscreen.  Additionally, there is a gain knob on the side of the beltpack transmitter and under the battery cover on the handheld microphone that can fine tune the volume level from the wireless microphone.


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