How to Reserve ITS Training Labs and Allen 255

Check the online calendars at under the Calendars heading for availability. Send an email request to Amy Berryhill at with the date(s) and time(s). When the reservation is made, you are included as an "attendee". If there are any changes or cancellations to your reserved time, contact Dr. Berryhill in a timely manner. 

For Allen 255 reservations, a GA arrives 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time to open the room and make a connection to Meridian, if needed. Upon completion, turn off all equipment and lights. The door automatically locks when closed.

For McArthur Training Labs A and B, assistance is available for using the technology classroom lecterns located in each lab. Lab A holds 18 workstations plus a teacher station. Lab B holds 15 workstations plus a teacher station. 


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Tue 4/3/18 1:20 PM