ITS-Supported Technology Classroom Lecterns

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In the fall of 2003, through the Provost Initiative, ITS was charged with the planning and implementation of technology-enhanced classrooms which would serve as a prototype across campus. Upon the completion of two pilot classrooms, faculty were encouraged to provide feedback and input regarding the classroom configuration. Through this interaction, certain modifications were implemented. Over the years, with the development of new and better technologies and software, the ITS-supported classrooms with a lectern and an extensive suite of hardware are located in over 140 classrooms across the Starkville and Meridian campuses.  In addition, the Information Technology Advisory Council (ITAC) annually reviews all ITS-supported classrooms and makes recommendations to the Provost regarding upgrading and/or adding additional ITS-supported classrooms on the Starkville and Meridian campuses. There has been a concerted effort throughout the years for a consistent look and feel in ITS-supported lecterns from both a visual and functionality standpoint. All ITS-supported classroom lecterns are configured alike and work the same in each classroom. 

Each Lectern is equipped with a Crestron based multimedia processor with a touch panel user interface. The touch panel user interface controls:

  1. Powering up the audio/video equipment
  2. Audio
  3. Specific audio/video equipment displaying on the projector
  4. Shutting down the equipment

The hardware equipment in all ITS-supported classroom lecterns include:

  1. A pc
  2. A monitor
  3. A document camera
  4. A DVD - Blu ray Player
  5. VGA and HDMI connections, so a user can bring their laptop and connect it to the lectern. Cables are not provided.
  6. A lectern mic
  7. A Shure analog wireless receiver
  8. A Shure digital wireless receiver


  1. Computer Start Up
    1. Press the computer ON button, located in the front panel.
    2. If the screen does not open, press the screen power button.
    3. Log in with your NetID and NetPassword.
  2. Lectern Start Up
    1. Touch the POWER button on the Crestron screen. The projector screen should automatically lower.
    2. If using a laptop, the HDMI connection is located under the keyboard on the front panel. Touch the LAPTOP icon after connected.

Video Lectern Power Up Sequence


  1. Computer power down
    1. Click the Windows icon
    2. Click Power and select SHUT DOWN
  2. Lectern power down
    1. Press and HOLD the POWER button on the Crestron control panel.

Video Lectern Power Down Sequence

For information on recording lectures using the ITS supported lecterns see this KB Article


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