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Beginning in spring 2021, the ability to transfer progress and final grades from Canvas to Banner is now available. Please note that a user must have the proper access in Canvas and Banner in order to do the grade transfer. In order for the grade transfer to work properly, the course must use the following in Canvas:

  • Total Grades Column - Instructors must know how to use the Canvas Gradebook. For more information on setting up a Canvas Gradebook, see the resources below:
  • Grading Scheme
    • There are five default schemes to choose from in Canvas.
    • Instructors can create their own, if needed.
    • A grading scheme must be set per each class/section.

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Setting a Canvas Grading Scheme

  1. Set up a grading scheme in Canvas. For your convenience, five default grading schemes have been added. Instructors may choose to use one of the defaults or create their own. To change a grading scheme, click on Settings from the course menu.

  1. From Course Detail Tab, scroll to the Grading Scheme section, then click the Enable course grading scheme option.

  1. Next, the grading scheme must be set, click the set grading scheme option.

  1. The default grading scheme will appear. Click the Select Another Scheme option. Five default grading schemes have been added into Canvas for your convenience. If none of the grading schemes work with your course, a new grading scheme can be created. 

  1. Once a grading scheme is selected, click the Use this Grading Scheme button.

Select Grade Scheme

  1. Once a grading scheme is selected, click the Done button.

Done with selection

  1. Finally, return to the course details tab and click the Update Course Details button.



Transferring Grades from Canvas to Banner

  1. Verify the grading scheme is enabled by looking at total column in gradebook.The letter grade should be reflected after the percentage. Bonus Tip: You can move the Total column in the gradebook to the front next to the names by clicking on the kabob (3 vertical dots) and selecting Move to Front.

  1. Click on Transfer Grades from the course menu.


  1. Select the grade type to transfer for the desired section(s). Note: If the course is combined in Canvas, all sections will display on the screen. You may select a single section or multiple to transfer. After a grade type is selected for the section(s), click the blue Submit button.

  1. A success message will appear, indicating the grades have been sent to Banner. Next, proceed to step 3 to finalize grades in Banner by clicking on the link on number 3 (Proceed to Banner to Complete the Canvas grades transfer process) of the Canvas Grade Transfer page.

  1. Once in Banner, enter in the course information and select Transfer from Canvas  from the options drop-down menu. Click the Enter Grades button. Note: If your courses are not crosslisted in Banner, you will have to enter each grades for each section individually. 

  1. Verify the grades are correct. Make any corrections that are needed and select email options.

  1. Scroll to the bottom and click the Submit Button. A success message will appear once grades have been updated.

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