Instructions & information related to crosslisted, blueprint, development, & external courses as well as a variety of other course management articles.

Articles (11)

Pinned Article Canvas: Publishing your Course

Publish Canvas courses for students to access

Canvas: Sharing Content - Blueprint vs. Crosslisting

How to share content or combine sections in Canvas

Canvas: Crosslisting Courses

Instructions for crosslisting multiple courses in Canvas to make one course.

Canvas: Blueprint Course Request

Instructions for requesting a Canvas blueprint course to share content among multiple courses

Canvas: Development & External Course Request

Instructions for requesting development and external courses for Canvas.

Canvas: Customizing the Navigation Menu

Editing the Navigation menu in Canvas.

Canvas: External Learning Tools

Steps for how to insert external learning tools into your course. This includes Pearson, McGraw Hill, Respondus Lockdown Browser, Cengage, Studio, and many others.

Canvas: Removing Course Calendar Entries

Instructions for removing course calendar events using the Agenda tab