Instructions & information related to crosslisted, blueprint, development, & external courses as well as a variety of other course management articles.

Articles (9)

Pinned Article Canvas: Publishing your Course

Publish Canvas courses for students to access

Canvas: Sharing Content - Blueprint vs. Crosslisting

How to share content or combine sections in Canvas

Canvas: Crosslisting Courses

Instructions for crosslisting multiple courses in Canvas to make one course.

Canvas: Blueprint Courses

Instructions for requesting a Canvas blueprint course to share content among multiple courses

Canvas: Development & External Course Request

Instructions for requesting development and external courses for Canvas.

Canvas: Customizing the Navigation Menu

Editing the Navigation menu in Canvas.

Canvas: Adding a Teaching Assistant (TA) to a course

How to add a teaching assistant to a Canvas course.

Canvas: External Learning Tools

Steps for how to insert external learning tools into your course. This includes Pearson, McGraw Hill, Turnging Tech Clicker Registration, Respondus Lockdown Browser, Cengage, ARC, and many others.