Canvas: Crosslisting Courses

Crosslisting allows instructors to move enrollments from individual courses into one course. This provides one course with one grade book, discussion board, etc. All students are managed out of one course.  Crosslisting should be done when the course is unpublished and has no student activity.  In an effort to make crosslisting simpler for the MSU community, two new eforms have been created to make the crosslisting master course requests and to bring students into the newly created master course.

Crosslisting allows instructors to merge multiple courses into one course.

1. To request a Crosslisting Master Course, complete the Canvas Course Request eform located at or by going to myState. Click on Canvas Course Request.

Canvas Course Request

2. On the Canvas Course Request eform, select Crosslisting Master Course from the course type drop-down menu. Next, enter a course name. This is the name your students will see the course as in Canvas. Remember, you will make this request each semester. It is strongly encouraged that you use a descriptive name that includes the term. Finally, enter a description, select a term, and select a campus.

3. Next, click Submit to complete the eform and create the crosslisting master course in Canvas. The crosslist master course will be created and you will see the course on your Canvas dashboard.

4. Note: If there is content in one of the courses that will be crosslisted, you must copy that content into the crosslisted master course PRIOR to following the next steps.  Visit the KB article on copying content from one course to another for directions.


5. Once the crosslist master course is created, return to the employee eforms tab. Select the Canvas Course Crosslisting eform.

Canvas Course Crosslisting Request

6. Select the term for the course you would like to crosslist. Please note, courses must be UNPUBLISHED in order to crosslist. Once a term is selected, a drop-down menu will appear listing all your available Crosslisting Master Courses. Select the course. Finally, the option will appear to crosslist available courses. Select each course to crosslist, one at a time, and they will appear in an ordered list.

7. Once all the courses are selected, click the Submit button.

8.  The courses have now been crosslisted and will now be one course listed on your dashboard.

When entering the merged course, all students will be entered in the grade book. The gradebook can be sorted by each section, if desired. All students will see that they are enrolled in the one course.




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