Canvas: Course Types

There are multiple types of Canvas courses:

  • Academic - these are courses that are in Banner and they are automatically created and sent to Canvas each semester.
  • Development - new courses being developed for later use in Academic. Development courses must be requested via this page to be created.
  • External - courses created for non-academic classes such as professional development, organizations and/or seminars. An External course must be requested via this page and must be authorized by a Dean or Director.
  • Self Enrollment - same as External, allows students to enroll themselves.
  • Blueprint - term based courses to make it easy for administrators or designers to deploy, update, and maintain course design templates or components across any number of courses or instructors. For an individual institution, Blueprint courses allow Canvas instructors to create content and learning objects, lock specific settings or content items, and push updates to all associated courses through course syncing.

Development, External, Self Enrollment and Blueprint Courses must be requested via the Canvas Course Request eForm located at or by going to myState and selecting eForms under the Apps & Services section.

More detailed instructions for requesting these courses can be found in the articles below:



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