Canvas: Development & External Course Request

Development courses are used to develop content for later use in Academic Canvas Courses.

External courses are created for non-academic classes such as professional development, organizations and/or seminars. External course creations must be authorized by a Dean or Director.

1. To request a Development or External Course, complete the Canvas Course Request eform located at or by going to myState. Click on Canvas Course Request.

Select Canvas Course Request on the eform page

2. On the Canvas Course Request eform, select Development Course, External Course, or Self Enrolled Course form the course type pull-down menu. Next enter a course name, this is the name you or your students will see the course as in Canvas. Finally, enter a description.

   Development Course

Enter a developmental course name and description

   External Course

enter an external course name and description

 Self Enrolled Course

Select Self Enrolled

3. Next, click Submit to complete the eform and create the developmental or external course in Canvas. The course will be be created and you will see the course on your Canvas dashboard.

click submit to process request

4.  The new course will listed on your dashboard. If it is not, please click Courses, All Courses, then click the star to make your course a favorite.

the course will now be on the Canvas dashboard


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