Canvas: Blueprint Courses

A Blueprint course is a parent course that shares content with associated courses. Course sections remain separate but the content is shared from the parent course. Instructors must request a Blueprint course and the course associations through the MSU eforms system. These courses are term based to make it easy for administrators or designers to deploy, update, and maintain course design templates or components across any number of courses or instructors. For an individual institution, Blueprint Courses allows Canvas admins to create content and learning objects, lock specific settings or content items, and push updates to all associated courses through course syncing.


1. To request a Blueprint course complete the Canvas Course Request eform located at or by going to myState. Click on Canvas Course Request.

Canvas Course Request

2. Enter your phone number and include dashes.

3. From the Please select the type of course pull-down select Blue Print. Then select a name for the Blue Print course, select term and campus.

4. Finally, click the Submit button and the eform will be created. Once the eform has been approved your Blueprint course will be available.

5. Once the Blueprint course shows up in Canvas, you need to request course associations. To do this, complete the Canvas Blueprint Associations Request eform located at or by going to myState. Click on Canvas Blueprint Associations Request.

Canvas Blueprint Association Request

6. Enter your phone number including dashes.

7. Use the pull-down menus to select the term and the Blueprint Course.  Next use the pull-down list to select each course to association one at a time. Select the course name and click the Add Association button. All sections you want to be associated need to be selected each time the form is redone, as subsequent forms overwrite the current associations.

8. Repeat step 7 to add any other courses to be associated.
9.  Finally, click the Submit button.

10. The courses will be associated with the Blue Print course. You will still see all the courses on your dashboard along with your blueprint course.

11. The blue print course will have a blue outline around the course, click on the blue tab on the right to push content to the other courses. To learn more about how to use Blue print courses visit the Canvas Community.



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