Canvas: Removing Course Calendar Entries

Follow the instructions below to delete calendar entries in Canvas. Unfortunately, there is not a way to delete entries in bulk, however, using the process below makes deleting them one by one a little easier.


1. Access Canvas, then click the Calendar link from the navigation menu on the left.

Step 1 calendar link


2. Click the Agenda tab.

Step 2 screenshot showing agenda tab


3. Make sure that all the entries you'd like to remove are displayed. If you need to show/hide events for a specific course, you can select/deselect from the course list on the right.

Step 3 screenshot


4. Click the entry you'd like to remove then click Delete.

Step 4 screenshot


5. Click Delete to confirm.

Step 5 screenshot


6. The entry should now be deleted and should no longer display on the calendar.




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