Class Climate Course Evaluations in Canvas

Beginning Spring 2019, instructor and course evaluations will be disseminated through Canvas on the Class Climate Dashboard.

  1. In Canvas, access your Class Climate Dashboard from the left course menu in any course. The faculty members’ results will be available the day following the posting of grades to Banner by the Registrar’s Office.


  1. Faculty members will have a course evaluation dashboard within Canvas allowing them to see response rates for their courses and the date the course evaluation is set to close for each of their courses. The response rate is in real-time. The faculty member will also receive an email from the Class Climate system alerting them that the course evaluation has opened. The following is an example of what the Instructor dashboard looks like.


  1. This will give faculty members the ability to know how many students have completed the course evaluations. With this information the faculty member can remind the students to complete their course evaluations and/or set aside time during a class period to do so on a computer or any mobile device the student may have. Note: In keeping with the University’s long-standing practice with course evaluations, faculty must leave the classroom while evaluations are being completed.
  2. A new feature that will be made available in the next upgrade to Class Climate is the archiving of past course evaluation results. This means that the faculty members’ results will be readily available at any time to them through their Class Climate Canvas dashboard.
  3. Students will have a dashboard containing all course evaluation information about their courses. Students will be able to see which course evaluations they have submitted and the close date for the ones they have not completed. The following is an example of what the Student dashboard looks like.
  1. Students will be able to complete their course evaluations at convenient times for them. The comments will still be captured. Comments will only be made available to the instructor of the course.
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