Submitting Class Climate Course Evaluations in Canvas (Students)

Course evaluations are disseminated through Canvas on the Class Climate Dashboard. Students will access and complete their course evaluations by clicking the Class Climate link in any of their courses. Students may refer to the instructions below for more detailed information. Results are anonymous and instructors receive access to the results the day after final grades are posted by the Office of the Registrar at the end of the semester.


Instructions for accessing and submitting course evaluations (students)

1. In Canvas, access your Class Climate Dashboard from the left course menu in any course.

Class climate link in course navigation menu


2. The dashboard contains all course evaluation information for all your courses. You will see which course evaluations that have been submitted and the close date for the ones that have not been completed. Click the green arrow next to an incomplete survey to begin or continue it.

Class climate student dashboard

You can complete course evaluations at convenient times as long as you submit them before their close date.


3. Complete the survey questions, as prompted, selecting the radio button that corresponds with your answer or entering your response in the text fields, as applicable.

Class climate survey questions


4. Click Submit when you have completed all the survey questions and are ready to submit your course evaluation.


5. The course evaluations you've completed will be marked as Submitted on your Class Climate course evaluation dashboard.

Class climate dashboard showing submitted survey

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