Articles related to using the Microsoft 365 email and calendar system for faculty, staff, and students.

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Microsoft Multifactor Authentication (non-Duo users): How to set up

Information on how to set up multifactor authentication via Microsoft MFA for MSU users who have access to university Microsoft services/email but not Duo. This includes MSU retirees.

Microsoft Outlook: How to create a contact group

Information on creating a contact group in Microsoft Outlook.

MSU Procedure for Mass Electronic Communications

ITS Procedure for Mass Electronic Communications

Outlook Desktop Client Auto-Discover Pop-Ups

Receiving pop-ups while logging into the desktop Outlook client.

Setting your MSU ID Photo as a Profile Picture

Setting your MSU ID Photo as a Profile Picture for m365 and Webex

How to create a friendly email alias

Creating a new friendly alias.

How to display your business photo in Microsoft 365 (Outlook, Teams, etc.) and/or the MSU online directory

Information on how to have your business photo displayed in Outlook/M365 and/or the MSU online directory.

How to forward an email as an attachment in Outlook

How to forward a SPAM or phishing email to the Service Desk as an attachment so that it can be properly analyzed