ITS Procedure for Mass Electronic Communications

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All campus announcement requests require vice presidential authorization.

A. ITS cannot guarantee a specific target date on which a mass email will be sent out, nor does it have
resources to provide same-day or next-day turnaround. While most requests can be processed within a
few days, some may take longer for various reasons.

B. Mass email requests must be submitted on the mass email request form located at: Click the Campus
Announcement Request
link. Authentication with your NetID and NetPassword is required to
access the form. You will need the following information:

• Name or Dept/Org requesting the mass email
• The target audience
• The campus distribution
• The distribution method (portal announcement or email)
• Requested start date
• Authorized by (president, provost, vice president, or athletic director)
• The text that will appear in the SUBJECT: field of the mass email
• The message text

Possible target audience groups include:
• Faculty
• Staff
• Undergraduate Students
• Graduate Students
• Deans, Directors, and Department Heads
• Benefits Eligible Employees
• Affiliates
• Other

Possible campus distribution groups include:
• All Campuses
• Main Starkville Campus (includes Vet School)
• Meridian Campus

C. Because of differing capabilities of the various email systems used by the MSU community, the message
text of all mass emails must be plain ASCII text. No special formatting, images or attachments can be

D. The requesting/authorizing parties assume full responsibility for the content of the mass email and the
selection of the target audience. The requesting/authorizing parties are also responsible for compliance
with applicable university policies, including policies of the Institutional Review Board for the
Protection of Human Subjects in Research (IRB).


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