How to display your business photo in Microsoft 365 (Outlook, Teams, etc.)


How do I display my business photo in Microsoft 365 (Outlook, Teams, etc.)

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Faculty & Staff of the university


Only Business photos taken by the Office of Public Affairs may be used in Microsoft 365 apps such as Outlook and Teams. The Photography Department is located at 624 Allen Hall. To schedule an appointment, please contact any of their photographers:

  Megan Bean
Email Megan
Beth Wynn
Email Beth

Adding Your Business Photo to Microsoft 365

1. Log in to myState ( with your NetID and NetPassword. 

2. Select Banner from the sidebar menu.

3. Under the Personal Information dropdown menu, select Update Your Directory & Address Information.

4. Select the Directory Profile link.

5. If you have had your business photo taken and it has been uploaded to Banner, it will appear in the "Business Photo" section of your Directory Profile. You may choose to have it displayed in Microsoft 365 and/or the MSU public online directory. By default, the No button is selected. To display your photo in Microsoft 365 and/or the MSU public online directory, select the Yes button.

6. After you have made your choices, click the Update/Verify Directory Information button.

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