How to create a friendly email alias


How do I create a friendly email alias?

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Employees, Faculty, & Staff


Employees can choose an alias for their official university email address, The alias consists of one or more parts of the employee’s first, middle and preferred first names separated by periods, together with the complete last name.

Once an alias is created, it can be used interchangeably with the email address. 

Some possible aliases for employee John Michael (Mike) Rackley include:

Below are the instructions to set up a friendly e-mail alias:

1. Log into MyState and navigate over to Banner.

2. In Banner under Personal Information click on "E-mail Alias".

3. On the Alias Information page click "Create New Alias".

4. Create your alias using the Name Combinations drop down menus.

5. When you are satisfied with your alias e-mail address click "Make Alias" (Note: When you create your alias e-mail address any changes you want to make to it', will not be possible for 3 months after the initial creation date.)

Additional Information:

Employees who go by something other than their legal first name can provide a preferred first name by accessing Banner via myState, navigating to Personal Information>Update Your Directory & Address Information>Directory Profile, then entering their preferred name in the Preferred First name field and clicking Update/Verify Directory Information to Save.

If you would like your friendly alias to be your primary outgoing email address, see "Request to change your outgoing (From:) email address" service.

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